Organic food at Aire Valley Restaurant and Guest House

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Organic and Fresh

Menu for Aire Valley Restaurant

Aire Valley Restaurant (is currently closed to the general public and only open to in-house guests) main aim is to provide diners with a memorable dining experience on your Great Ocean Road trip. Our vegetable garden which is now a fifth of an acre in size is only a few metres from the dining room. Vegetables are picked late in the day and often after your order has been placed ensuring the freshness of the produce from the garden to the plate. Many diners wander around the vegetable garden while dinner is being prepared.

Our restaurant garden was established about 2 years ago. The land has had 80 years of sheep running over the top of the grass. All our grass was hand tilled and weeded by hand. No chemicals were used to clear the land and this approach continues as the garden increases in size. For more details see our Restaurant page.


Group lunches at Aire Valley Restaurant are by arrangement. Please contact us on 5237 9223