Aire Valley Restaurant and Guest House on the Great Ocean Road

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Great Ocean Road - Victoria, Australia

The Great Ocean Road is recognised as one of the Great Drives of the World. It starts at Fairhaven and winds itself along the south-west coast of Victoria to Allansford, just east of Warrnambool. The views are quite spectacular as it runs along beaches, high on top of cliff tops and through lush rainforests

History of the Great Ocean Road

Plans for a road along the south west coast of Victoria started in the 1880s. Before the road the trip from Lorne to Geelong was along a rough coach track and was long and difficult. The Track went to Winchelsea Railway Station.

Geelong Mayor, Alderman Howard Hitchcock formed the Great Ocean Road Trust and saw the project as a way of employing returned soldiers from World War 1.

Survey work began in August 1918 and thousands of returned soldiers started work on the project. It was build with picks, shovel and horse-drawn carts. There was no heavy machinery.

The road was officially opened on November 26th 1932.

For further information please see Tourism Victoria.

Towns on the Great Ocean Road

Towns on the Great Ocean Road are Torquay, Airey's Inlet, Anglesea, Jan Juc, Fairhaven, Lorne, Wye River, Kennet River, Apollo Bay, Marengo, Hordern Vale, Glenaire, Lavers Hill, Yuulong, Princetown, Port Campbell, Peterborough, Allansford, and then finally Warrnambool.