Aire Valley Restaurant and Guest House on the Great Ocean Road

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Do I need a guide for the Great Ocean Walk?

A guide is not necessary as the Great Ocean Walk is very well sign-posted and information on the map and book provided by Aire Valley Guest House will ensure you won't get lost plus have information about the walk.

We can provide guides on the walk that will provide a valuable insight into flora, fauna and history of the area. All our guides have lived and worked in the area most of their lives so their knowledge of the Great Ocean Walk and surrounding areas is amazing.

When is the best time to walk the Great Ocean Walk?

Walking can be done all year around though usually the wetter months of June to August can make the path in places quite slippery. September to December are good months. January can provide a few hot days where we would recommend going to the beach rather than walking. A rest day to provide for an extra hot day or a particularly wet day is highly recommended as there are plenty of short walks or other sights to see in the area.

Can you arrange transfers from Melbourne in our Great Ocean Walk Package?

We can arrange transport from Melbourne if required. We can arrange a tour down the Great Ocean Road and return.

Other transport options are Vline buses to Apollo Bay and hiring your own car.

What wildlife can I expect to see on the Great Ocean Walk

The Great Ocean walk is abundant with wildlife. Koalas are seen around Cape Otway, kangaroos near Johanna and grey swamp wallabies at several sections along the walk. Many varieties of birds can be seen (and heard) along the walk.

More information can be found in "Travelling the Great Ocean Road" by Cate Cousland which we will send you as part of your Great Ocean Walk. Snakes will also be seen in the warmer months, these include brown snakes and tiger snakes. If you see a snake please leave it alone and it will make its way off the track. Snakes are afraid of people and will not bit unless it feels threatened.

Are there any dangerous areas on the Great Ocean Walk?

Care needs to be taken when near high cliff areas. Tide information is also important as some of the Great Ocean Walk is along the beach. Parks Victoria have noted some "Decision Points" where an inland route can be taken when the high tide is expected. Waves can be extremely big especially along Johanna Beach so it is important to watch the ocean when walking on the beach.

What food can I expect on the Great Ocean Walk?

We will provide morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea on the walk. All our food is fresh with salad ingredients that have been picked in the morning. Bread, slices, cakes and biscuits are all made at Aire Valley Guest House in our Restaurant Kitchen.

In the evening we have a full a la carte menu. Aire Valley Restaurant and Guest House is the only Great Ocean Walk Accommodation that has a full restaurant menu. We can cater for all allergy, food intolerances and special requests.

When was the Great Ocean Walk opened?

The Great Ocean Walk was formally opened by Parks Victoria in January 2006.

We have been accommodating walkers at Aire Valley Guest House since January 2006. One of the unique aspects of the walk is the ability to step on and step off the walk so that you can have stylish accommodation, great fresh food from the Restaurant Garden with great wine and local award-winning Prickly Moses beer.

Our walking packages have been featured on Postcards Channel 9 in association with Tourism Victoria.

Aire Valley Restaurant and Guest House is also featured in the Tourism Victoria documentary The Art of Walking. Aire Valley Guest House hosted Michael Milton, Australian's fastest downhill skier and Olympic Paralympian.

What level of fitness is required to complete the Great Ocean Walk?

The Great Ocean Walk has different levels provided by Parks Victoria. (easy, medium, hard). Some sections are quite long but you can certainly look at which level will suit your fitness. A rest day is recommended if doing the whole walk.

We recommend travel insurance. If you are in any doubt over your fitness please see your GP for a medical certificate

Great Ocean Walk Packages and Enquiries

We have a selection of Great Ocean Walk Packages which can also be customised to your individual needs. A package from 2 nights to 7 nights can be arranged and can include all breakfasts, lunches, dinners, transport and even drinks each day after the walk. Let us organise your transport for you and you can just sit back and enjoy the wonderful scenery.

See our full selection of Great Ocean Walk Packages or send us an enquiry.